Outfit Post: Party Dress

Tonight I'm hosting a large family party for my husband's Birthday. I got all of my wedding china out and decorated the table as prettily as my resources would allow! I'm going to show off my Italian cooking skills (I'm half Italian), and make chicken fettucine alfredo. Thank goodness I have several aprons, because I'll be needing to cover this up while I cook so I don't stain my dress with alfredo sauce by the time the family gets here!
My ultrasound appointment was amazing yesterday. I found out I was a couple of days further along than I expected, and believe me, even two days made a difference to my pregnancy psyche! lol! Getting to see the baby was very precious, too. I'm looking forward to meeting the baby, but have so enjoyed this pregnancy (morning sickness and all). I am glad I have almost six months to continue preparing for the baby and am enjoying having the baby so close to me.
Dress - Gap - gifted
Sweater - Target - $3
Earrings - gifted
Wedge sandals - JCPenney - $8