Outfit Post: Black and Rosy Beige

I thought I was over my morning sickness since it had left for three days, and unfortunately have had it back again these past three days. I keep feeling extra winded, too, and I've missed some workouts. So I'm feeling kind of low and had to force myself to get out of my workout clothes today to put something decent on.
If it weren't for this blog, I don't think I would be making as much an effort to dress well while I was pregnant. I'm so glad I have this incentive, because after changing out of my workout clothes, I feel better already. Nothing like a polished outfit to lift your spirits. :)
I'm so glad this top still fits - I had to cut out the liner in it, since the liner was a body shaper. But now that the liner is gone, I think I should be able to make this top last quite a bit longer for this pregnancy!

Whenever I wear headbands (which is rare), I always wear pearl stud earrings. I just like how classy and elegant the combination looks.

And it's cold out, so I had to wear a sweater. I know, I am clashing two different colors of beige/taupe here, but I like the pearls in the sweater matching with my pearl earrings, and the sweater adds such a nice texture. I might switch to my jean jacket later if the clashing colors get to me.
Sweater - Ann Taylor - $9.88
Top - Target - $4
Skirt - Gap - $4
Boots - JCPenney - $9
Pearl studs - gifted
Headband - Family Dollar - $1