Food Post: Cashew Chicken

My in-laws have been on a 10 day cleansing fast. The past few days they have been slowly adding certain juices and fresh foods back into their diet. Saturday night was the first night that they allowed themselves to eat a full meal, so my husband and I invited them over to dinner to celebrate!
I love having an excuse to pull out my china and crystal!
I made cashew chicken in lettuce cups - a recipe I found in the Real Simple magazine, and I absolutely adore!

I cooked the rice in coconut milk for more of an exotic flavor. The fruity taste with the nutty grain was fabulous! I usually use Jasmine rice when I cook rice with coconut milk, but their fast restrictions would not allow them to include white rice in their diet yet, so we chose the healthier option of brown.

I made a spicy sauce to go with the dish which added just the right amount of zing. The sauce was one part soy sauce to one part honey. A teaspoon of mustard, a teaspoon of grated ginger, garlic powder, and a teaspon of horse radish. Delicious!