Food Post: Trying Something New

Missi and I have decided we'd add a new dimension to our Domestic Sophisticate blog...

"Food Posts."

I've been in a rut with cooking lately and needed some new inspiration. I've been cutting recipes out of magazines, watching the Food Network, and reading food blogs, and have a stack of new recipes and ideas now to try. Having this new angle with the blog is great incentive!

Style and sophistication for a stay-at-home-mom is not just about dressing your best...it's about having sophistication in every area of your "home" life. We'd like to start adding posts on food, home decorating, and more do-it-yourself projects on top of our regular clothing style and beauty posts.

So here's my first food post:

Last night I made this quinoa toss salad from the Better Homes & Garden magazine.
The first bite was amazing! So many flavors, and it tasted so fresh! Even my 4-year old liked the first couple of bites. After the first bites, though, the flavors were so strong and so different from each other, that it was almost too much. This dish would have worked better as a very small side dish to something a little more bland, I think.

Perhaps it was too strong because I used red onions instead of sweet, and pickled beets instead of freshly cooked beets.

The herbs were great, but I think if I made this again I would forego the basil. The parsley was the right herb and was enough.