Outfit Post: Hand-me-down top

My little sister gave me this top of hers when we visited over Thanksgiving weekend...little did she know I'd be wearing it as a pregnancy top! It stretches just right!
I'm feeling the baby move all the time now, of course, and enjoy knowing she's there most of the time...I just wish she would take long naps at night!

These maternity jeans are great because they have an adjustable waistband. The waistband is actually identical to the adjustable waistbands my son wears on his toddler size clothes...not sure how I feel about that - lol! Right now I have to adjust it pretty tight yet since this is a bigger size than I normally wear, so there's quite a bit of bunching in the back. Thankfully this tight knit top is helping to keep everything lay flat.

These shoes are so not practical for the snow outside, but I like how they match my lacey cami, so I'll wear them for the hubby and change into boots when I go outside.

Top - hand-me-down
Cami - thrifted - $.25
Jeans - Gap Maternity - $6
T-strap pumps - Old Navy - $8
Earrings - Premier Jewelry - $21