Outfit Post: Yellow

I'm really feeling the third trimester pangs...and it's only just begun! No more sleep, and yet never able to stay fully awake, consistent back pain, and the swelling has started. Thankfully my shoes and my rings still fit, so I'm not complaining, just stating the facts, since after all, this is nothing compared to last time! I just wish there was some kind of trick to staying small throughout a pregnancy so I could figure it out, sell it and make millions, and then implement it myself to avoid some of this discomfort.
And to think I still have three more months of growing!
That being said, there are some good things happening too - my hair is very shiny and healthy (although it is now getting straighter as it gets healthier and sometimes I miss my voluminous sort of wavy hair), my fingernails are so strong and long, and my skin is the best it's ever been.
I'm just going to have to remember to wear more scarves...which bring more attention to my healthy skin and hair and distracts from my ever growing middle! Or is supposed to distract, at least. ha!
Top - Simply Vera Vera Wang - hand-me-down
Scarf - thrifted - $.25
Yellow hoop earrings - B.B. Pepper - $.50
Skinny saturated jeans - Gap Maternity - $6
Yellow patent leather flats - Dillard's - gifted
Blue patent leather bag - Coach - gifted