Outfit Post: 34 Weeks and 3 Days

Yes, I'm counting the days...can you tell?
Found these slippers that I'm going to wear as regular shoes today and my feet are thanking me.
You might have noticed that I haven't worn a lot of belts during this pregnancy. So many other maternity fashion bloggers rock the belt look, but being I'm not even 5 feet tall and very busty, there's really no room between my belly and bust to add a belt. Nevertheless, I've attempted it with what I believe is success for today! I think the cut of this top helps or something, because I've not been able to pull it off very well before. I like how the gold belt picks up on the gold zipper at the bottom of my jeggings, too!

Top - Wal-Mart - hand-me-down
Belt - Kohl's - $2
Jeggings - Wal-Mart - $1
Brown slippers - Target - $3
Brown sweater - hand-me-down