Outfit Post: Gray Sweater Dress

At church today some ladies came up to me to ask if I was due since they didn't think I could possibly get any larger...
Then almost right after that, a couple came up to me and said I looked so small and was shocked to find out I only had a month left, because they thought I had at least two or more months yet.
People are so funny.

Are you noticing my crazy curls? I just got a Corioliss curling wand from Misikko - it takes a lot of work, but it gives a totally different kind of curl than a curling iron does, and is a lot of fun! My husband said my hair looks like a little girl's doll's hair. Not sure if that's good or not - but I'm still practicing with the wand and plan on achieving some better looks with it. I'll be doing a product review on it soon!

Dress - Old Navy Maternity - $4.88
Bracelets - F21 - gifted
Boots - Jessica Simpson - gifted