Product Review: Revlon Eye Make-Up

I was sent Revlon's new eye-make-up compacts to try out and give a review on. I loved the colors they sent and couldn't wait to try them out!

On the back of the compact is a very simple guide to show you exactly where to place each color - which is great, since I wouldn't know where to place five different colors on my eyes!
Instead of using the compact brush they provide, I used my trusty brushes. One for the lid, one for the crease, one for liner, and one for the brow bone. I highly recommend using your own brushes when using multiple colors on your eyes, so the color doesn't mix on the one compact brush provided.

I tried the pink/mauve tones today and thought the color was very nice and subtle. I found that the powder was a little too light, because it kept leaving a dusting in places it shouldn't. I had to do a lot of clean-up with a q-tip afterwards. I also noticed that in order to get the dark color to show up as a liner (as they suggest on the back of the compact), you need to dab your brush in a touch of water. That also helped with the dusting of powders that kept spilling on my cheekbone as I brushed the powder on my lids.

Another problem I encountered was that because all the colors were in one package without any dividers between each shadow, you have to be very careful to keep the colors separate when you apply the powder on your brush. I really wish make-up companies would be better about putting dividers between colors so they don't blend together.

Overall I thought the product was great for the money. The tips on how to apply on the back of the compact were great, the end result was lovely, and the amount of each color was nice, too. I didn't like the dusting of powder it left, or the fact that the colors could easily blend into one without having a divider, but that is a problem I encounter with all powder eyeshadows.

If you're interested in creating a subtly dramatic look for your eyes, you should definitely try Revlon's 5 color eye shadow compacts.

What is your favorite brand of eye shadow? And what tricks do you use to apply it properly?