Outfit Post: Stripes and a touch of yellow

I know it's ridiculous, since it really doesn't mean a whole lot...but all I keep thinking about is the fact that I'm only 10 days to being at full term (37 weeks)! I know I probably won't go into labor for another month after that, but the idea of being full term just has me so excited! So close to meeting her!
We've had yet another snowstorm and are snowed in today, so my outfit is only for lounging around the house with my husband and son. Not that I plan to lounge...I have sewing projects, blogging, chores, organizing, cleaning, homeschooling my son, etc., all piling up for me to do that will keep me plenty busy!
And yes, my accessories are pretty matchy-matchy, but that's what I felt like today.
Scarf - vintage - $.25
Yellow shell necklace - gifted
Tunic - Gap - $7
Leggings - Target (girl's section) - $3
Yellow patent flats - Dillard's - $19