Answer to a reader question...

One of our readers asked what she should wear on a date that would entail fishing and hiking in a warm climate. She is conservative and likes feminine clothes. She is 23, average height, and slim.

Since both of those activities require some practical clothing, I would recommend shorts as opposed to sundresses or skirts. I also wouldn't choose pants since it can get pretty humid out where she will be. To keep a casual, but cute vibe, I'd stick with some jean shorts that hit just above the knee.

For both activities, I would also recommend closed toe shoes. Boat shoes are going to be big this coming season, and would be a great option for fishing, while I don't think anything but a hiking shoe will work for hiking. If it's just a stroll through the park, a comfortable, but stylish sandal should do the trick.

Another recommendation would be to wear a hat for both activities. For fishing, you would want a hat to shield the sun and cover up your potentially wilted hair (from the humidity). For hiking, a hat is a cute way to cover up a practical ponytail and cover up potentially sweaty hair.

For fishing, you can opt for a feminine/flirty top, but for hiking, I think a campshirt over a tank is your best bet.

See below for my picks (note, I am not necessarily recommending the stores for these items...for the pricey items, you can just as easily find something similar at a cheaper department store like Target or Wal-mart).

fishing in a KY summer

fishing in a KY summer by nicridley on Polyvore.com

Hollister co
$30 - hollisterco.com

Hollister Co vintage short
$29 - hollisterco.com

J crew
$115 - jcrew.com

Old navy shoes
$23 - oldnavy.gap.com

Crochet summer hat
$20 - lorisshoes.com

Bajra scarve
$265 - intermixonline.com

House of Harlow 1960 glass shade
$138 - boutiquetoyou.com

hiking in a KY summer

hiking in a KY summer by nicridley on Polyvore.com

So these would be my picks, but what would you all recommend? I'm sure our reader would love extra input!