Product Review: Misikko Flat Iron

Misikko (a company that sells ceramic flat irons, and other fabulous hair products like the T3 hair dryer , and chi hair straighteners), sent me the Hana Professional with Tourmaline flat iron to do a product review, and I have to say, I was impressed even before I saw and used the iron! Check out how they wrapped it:
After looking through the little goodies they sent with it (lipstick, hand sanitizer, emory boards, etc.), I finally got a glimpse of the flat iron... It came in a pink faux leather pouch with a separater inside so that the cord to the iron would stay separate from the iron when hot. Love that. I was sent the pink edition, which I'm particularly excited about since pink is my favorite color!! I decided to put the straightener to the absolute tests...

This is my hair on a bad hair day...very bad hair day...and immediately upon waking up...

I brushed through some of the front pieces of my hair with the iron before the flat iron was even fully hot, and couldn't believe how powerfully and quickly it straightened and shined my hair!
Reading the instructions to the iron, it says that it has a heat setting for super fine hair, and so I thought I would test the iron out on my mother-in-law who never uses any heat on her hair due to how fine it is.

This is her hair with just a touch of hairspray in it. She has a grown out perm in the ends of it, and sleeps in sponge rollers to give her hair extra body for the day.
This is her hair after I flat ironed it. Shiny, smooth, and full looking. And yes, those curls were made with the iron. I also decided I would test out the iron on someone with super curly hair.

My sister-in-law's hair is so curly, she has to tame the frizz with styling gel, and tons of hairspray. She came to me with her hair full of hair product and stiff, but we tried the iron on it anyway...
It straightened her hair in one brush of the iron! I quickly curled the ends with the iron, and my sister-in-law left with shiny, bouncy curls!
The curls the flat iron makes are stronger than what my Conair curling iron can do, and I've found that my curls stay tighter longer, even after two days of no touch ups! Can you tell I'm sold on this iron?