Outfit Post: Feels Like Spring!

It is supposed to get up to 60 today, which will feel like 80 for my overheated pregnant body! It's already 50 out there, and I didn't even feel chilled with having bare legs, arms, and no sweater!

This post is a little bit of a lie, because I can't wear these heels today. I just thought they looked good with my outfit, and wanted to wear them before my feet got too swollen to put them on later. A pair of turquoise flat sandals is probably what I'll end up with later on. So glad it's warm enough to wear sandals so I don't have to squeeze into socks, boots, tights, or constricting shoes!!

My legs are definitely retaining the swelling now, and I'm not so happy about showing them off today. I've swelled so much this week, I've gained 6 pounds. I know, right? Is that even possible? I hit exactly 35 pounds at my 37 week mark, and this past week I've gone crazy. It's for my baby girl, so it's worth it. :-)

Shirt - Gap - $3 (worn backwards)
Skirt - Macy's - gifted (shortened by me)
Belt - Gap - $24.50 (bought over 8 years ago)
Leather booties - Target - $6
Earrings - Macy's - $2