Product Review: Maybelline Falsies Mascara

I usually wear CoverGirl mascara, but recently decided I'd try out Maybelline's Falsies mascara, just to try something different. I figured I'd let you all know what I thought about it...

At first I was horrified! It is a lot messier than Cover Girl's, so it took me forever to apply it properly and then clean up all the smudges later. It also tends to clump, so I had to brush it out a few times to keep my eyelashes from looking like little spider legs! Washing it off is just as messy as putting it on and then some. It took quite a while to get all the mascara out, and a Q-tip with moisturizer was still needed afterwards to get the last few smudges.

Now that I've used it for a week, I'm noticing some benefits. I truly have not seen my eyelashes look this full and long in quite a while. And the best benefit is that my eyes have been watering with all the other mascaras I've used in the past (L'Oreal, Cover Girl, Mary Kay, a natural kind by Sephora, Clinique, Dior, etc.)...and so far, my eyes have not burned or watered once with this mascara.

For around $5-6, this is a great mascara for dramatic evening looks. I think I'd still like to find something else that is not as messy to apply for an everyday mascara.

Any recommendations?