Product Review: Misikko's Corioliss Curling Wand

My curling wand from Misikko arrived complete with extra goodies (like Paul Mitchell Volumizer spray, make-up, flowers, ribbons, etc.!) - it was like my Birthday all over again!

I couldn't wait to try it, so even though I had just straightened my hair with my new Hana flat iron, I immediately started using the curling wand...It took me quite a while to get the hang of how to use it, but I loved the results. It definitely creates more of a ringlet than what my flat iron or regular curling iron can do, but it also has the ability to create a ripply wave (something my regular curling iron doesn't really do either).
You really should check out Misikko for great products like ceramic curling irons, the best hair dryers, and great flat irons. I love my Hana Professional, but Corioliss (the same brand as my curling wand) makes a Corioliss Straightener, too.

And since I had some trouble at first using the curling wand, I thought I'd show you a quick video tutorial of how to use it since I think I've got it figured out now.

You can watch this video I did for tips on how I style my curled hair.

Have any of you tried the curling wands out there? Do you prefer them over the regular curling irons with clamps?