Lady In Waiting - 41 Weeks Today!

I've now had 4 episodes of what I like to call false labor. I call it false labor because I get contractions, shakes, nausea (and other things that I won't mention on here) for several hours. The contractions come 2 to 5 minutes apart and are very consistent. One was when I was almost 38 weeks for just two hours, another at 39 for about two hours again. My last two episodes were this week. One two nights ago for 6 hours and last night it lasted all night long and to the point where they got longer and closer together as the night wore on. Thankfully, I know enough about labor from my first (even though it was pitocin induced two weeks early and ended in a c-section),  that I didn't call my midwife yet on each of these occasions. Two nights ago, however, I thought that since I was this far along, something might actually happen and I called my Mom. We both agreed that even if it was another false labor episode, it would be nice to have Mom around to distract me and be ready for when labor actually does come. So she made the three hour drive out with my 11 year old brother late on Saturday night (got here a little after midnight), and has been doting on me ever since! I LOVE my Mom!

So even though last night was rough, and I'm now feeling too sore and exhausted for real labor to happen anytime soon, at least I get my Mom and little brother around to have fun with! I have my midwife appointment today and then we'll get some shopping done afterwards.