A Thank You

I didn't think I'd be blogging about maternity style 10 days after my due date, but here I am, still pregnant, and still trying to figure out how to dress my very large baby bump. Tonight I have a benefit to go to with my husband, and as I sit here trying to figure out what I want to wear, I can't help but think about all the women who have gone before me (or right along side me) to inspire me to stay stylish while pregnant. In fact, these women are so incredible, I just have to publically thank them here for how amazing they are! I just have to let them know that they influenced me greatly and gave me the courage to keep up with my style regardless of how sick and tired I felt because of the pregnancy.

So here goes...Megan from The Frugalista Diaries (or Pregnant and Fabulous) was one of my first finds after I got pregnant, and helped me a lot in finding my own style. We are due about the same time and are both pretty petite, so I was glad to have someone else who was about my same size and feeling just as uncomfortable as me help encourage me through the pregnancy style blues. And boy does she look good! She is still wearing heels!

Teal, at Expecting Chic blew me away with her effortlessly chic and casual ensembles.
 Lena at Quality Rivets had super cool pregnancy style. I've been copying this look by wearing my own fedora hat on numerous occasions throughout my pregnancy.
 Megan at DIY Maternity has loads of maternity style! Most of her looks were so uniquely hers, she designed them from scratch (quite literally)!
 Marie from Lemondrop Vintage barely ever wore maternity clothes, but continued thrifting to find unique vintage finds that dressed her baby bump.
 Indiana over at Adored Austin was one of the cutest pregnant mommies I've ever seen! Her looks were not only cool, but were comfortable as well!
 Melissa from I Still Love Fashion came up with amazing looks that were always under even my (super low) budget!
 I was stunned when I recently found M's blog, Dear Baby. I was sure her photo below was a magazine cover, not a normal personal photograph! She is gorgeous and makes her baby bump figure look so romantic!

S from Academichic has been rocking put together casual looks that are so tasteful, you can barely tell she is even pregnant yet!

 E, also over at Academichic was the first pregnant blogger I ever found, and I found her a couple of years before I was pregnant. It is truly because of her that I was determined to continue blogging during this pregnancy. She always looked put together and stylish, baby bump and all! E is expecting again and is continuing to come up with polished maternity looks.
Lastly, I got some great tips from Imogen at Inside Out Style and Angie's blog, You Look Fab.

There are some newer maternity bloggers that I've added to my maternity inspiration link that are definitely in the category above, I just can't relate to them yet because they aren't as huge as I am, being they are in their second trimesters still. I just have to mention them as being fabulous as well, though, too - Strawberry Koi, What Andie Wears, and Stylish White Female are incredible!

Thank you to all of you fabulous ladies who have inspired me these past 10 months to not give up on my style and appearance even though morning sickness and gaining 35+ pounds in a short period of time would normally make me want to just wear sweatpants and tennis shoes! You all are AMAZING!