French Macaroon

Hi! Missi here, I'm out in Ohio visiting Nic "helping" her and getting my fill of her two adorable children.
Nic and I have been talking about making French Macaroons for awhile now, so this morning I thought I'd try my hand.

We did run into a problem, we were unable to obtain Almond flour for our delectable treats. So...I MADE some! Using Nic's blender I put in a few handfuls and whirled away. After, I went ahead and sifted the Almond flour, in hopes to rid myself of some of the skin.
Next I made a little raspberry puree for the cookies.
Sugar, Anyone?
After whipping the egg whites till light and fluffy, folding in the flour/sugar mixture and adding the raspberry puree. I pipped the filling onto parchment paper and placed in a preheated oven for about ten minutes.
After cookies cooled, I sandwiched with raspberry jam and had my taste tester sample for approval. Approval was granted:-)
I tried two batches. One batch I cooked longer then the other, seeing which would taste better.
In the end, the shorter cooked cookies not only tasted the best, but also kept their pink color
Next time I'll use blanched almonds for my flour, so there aren't any brown flecks in the cookies and I'll try some cocoa powder in the cookie and chocolate ganache for the filling!