Outfit Post: Missi's Visit

Although my maternity leave is over, I'm still staying in most days, and taking it easy. But with my sister being here this week, we decided to go out to lunch and do some shopping yesterday - I finally had an excuse to dig through my closet and see if anything fit!

 Of course, I had to dress my baby up, too!
 Kept my son pretty casual, though. Anymore he can't keep his clothes nice no matter what we do! He's at that stage where jeans last only a couple of weeks before he puts holes in the knees!
 Baby and Aunt Missi being so cute together!!
 So happy to have Missi here this week!!!
Top - Target - $3
Skirt - Macy's - hand-me-down
Belt - thrifted
Espadrilles - DSW - $8
Earrings - gifted