Product Review: Sibu Skin Care

I was recently sent Sibu Beauty's daytime facial cream to try out. Reading up on their products, I was impressed with their commitment to natural and eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. The primary ingredient they use is the Sea Buckthorn, found in the Tibetan Himalayas. The berry contains powerful nutrients that are ideal for reaching the optimum in skin care.
After using the product for a week now, I really do appreciate how well it hydrates without leaving my skin feeling greasy, and also how firm my skin feels afterwards. The natural fragrance it has is very refreshing as well. For one ounce, the bottle is priced at around $20, which is not bad for a quality, and 100% natural day cream.

Sibu Beauty offers other products such as juice drinks and vitamin supplements along with a full skin care line that all contain the Sea Buckthorn. If you are interested in sustainable and natural products, this brand is definitely worth checking out!