Equation for a Complete Outfit

I'm giving a short talk on how to accessorize on Monday to a group of ladies. In working out what I want to say, I've decided to focus on starting with a simple equation for an outfit, and then expounding upon that. The equation is: base outfit + extra layer + jewelry + statement accessory (scarf, hat, pin, etc.) + bag = complete outfit. Using that math, I've been checking myself before I walk out the door. What shape jacket or sweater do I need as an extra layer? What jewelry does this outfit need? Will a scarf or hat add the right touch? Today I've used a scarf as my statement accessory - and yes, my bag is not pictured, but I've already switched it out to the right one to go with what I'm wearing.

Could your outfit use a jacket or more jewelry? Will a scarf, hat, pin, or statement jewelry piece add the right pizzazz to make your look? And don't forget to switch out your bag for just the right one for your occasion. Good luck!