Outfit Post: Pale Pink Sparkle

Getting ready on Sunday mornings is always a tad difficult since neither of the kids like to wait while mom gets ready, but somehow we make it happen. This Sunday, I decided to wear my pale pink sparkly belt to match my daughter's pale pink sparkly dress.
 Even though my son didn't have any pale pink sparkle, his gray bottoms match my gray bottoms. That's close enough.
 Now if only I could get my daughter to wear her little knit cap properly. She kept pulling it down like this instead of wearing it towards the back of her head.
Pinstripe jacket - H&M - thrifted for $3
White blouse - Diane von Furstenberg - thrifted for $3
Necklace - gifted
Belt - NY & CO - $2
Skirt - Gap - $8
Earrings - gifted

Daughter's outfit came from the Baby Gap, all for clearance. Dress $6, hat $2, sweater and shoes gifted. Son's outfit is Calvin Klein and was gifted.