Beachy Hair

I rarely blow dry, curl, or straighten my hair. I prefer the au naturale look most of the time, and thankfully I have pretty easy going hair that doesn't usually have to be styled to look ok. In the summer, though, I love to add a bit of product to my air dried hair. I use salt sprays to achieve a beachy hair look. I've used all kinds of products in the past, but my favorite is the stuff I make myself.
I add a teaspoon or more of sea salt to a spray bottle filled with warm water, a dab of conditioner (or this time around I used melted coconut oil) and then sprayed it generously in my hair. Using my homemade product achieves the look I have below.

When I'm going for the beachy hair look, I shampoo my hair only twice a week. The saltwater dries out my hair, so all I do is rinse it lightly with water in the shower and then let it air dry half way before spraying it with the saltwater. If my hair ends up too greasy, I just use dry shampoo, and if it gets too dry, I will skip the shampoo and just add conditioner to the ends. 

I love easy, breezy, beachy hair for the summer!