Apparently a former reader is upset at some inconsistencies on this blog regarding hair products. The fact that I said I rarely do my hair (I don't use blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc.) and yet I've done several product reviews and tutorials on the subject confused her. She feels I said great things about those products just because they were given to me for free. I get that. It is not the case, but I can see why she would think that.

I should have clarified yesterday's post by saying that I rarely do my hair *anymore*. But yes, I've always preferred the au naturale look. I go through seasons of appreciating certain colors, products, styles, and clothes - this includes hair products, styles, and cuts. This season in my life is about not having to style my hair. Since we're getting close to summer season and everyone's hair is probably having some difficulty staying styled, I thought I'd tell you about another way I style my hair using no curling irons, blow dryers, or straighteners.  However, in future posts, and in past posts, I have and will post about the benefits of using products even though I prefer not using them all the time. Right now I have chosen to go au naturale, but tomorrow I may use a curling iron or straightener. In fact, I hate the color black, and yet I wear it often on this blog. Sometimes out of necessity, boredom, curiosity, or whatever else, I try things that I don't prefer. Hope that clarifies it for some of you. And if not, feel free to ask.

I stand by the products I was given for free. They truly are amazing. I just haven't needed to use them much lately and prefer to not have to use them at all. But soon I'll be in a no baby season of my life again, get bored with my hair, and experiment with all the products I have.