Running A Race

This picture is from two years ago on the day of my very first race. It was a 5K. I ran it in 31 minutes with my good friend, Stephanie (in the pink shirt). Since then I've entered a few more races, just to keep me out there running. I keep my pace slow and always run with a friend so I can chat and have fun when I'm out there. I never race to win, just to give myself a goal. After this first race two years ago, I've run one other 5K and two other 10Ks. Tomorrow morning will be my first ever half marathon and I'm totally excited! I usually work up to running 9 miles each year, but this is my first year that I will have worked up to 13.1 miles! I'm hoping to keep up a 10 minute mile pace. I have a friend who is running it with me and we'll probably chat for most of it so we keep the race fun.  

Wish me luck!