Put a hat on it

I actually would have posted on Saturday night if disaster hadn't struck when it did.
My husband and I never celebrate our birthdays in just one day. We spend an entire weekend, and then the day of. So this past weekend was Birthday weekend.
Saturday morning, hubs said he wanted to get a couples massage...that day. I called about 5 spas trying to find an opening, and finally found one that only had one opening, requiring us to leave within minutes! Thankfully, I woke up with an amazing hair day. My hair looked like this when I woke up!
However, I knew that after the facial (I opted for a facial over a massage), my hair would be greasy, so I brought a hat. I ended up having to wear the hat most of the day, because it poured rain, and gone were my glorious locks!

From the salon we stopped at a luxury kitchen and bath shop to dream, before heading to a cigar shop to pick out fine cigars for Chris (a hobby of his), and then on to a wine lounge. We got a picture of both of us at each place we stopped. The one below is from the cigar shop.

From there we went to a hibachi steakhouse for dinner (another picture, of course).

And then we went to the cigar lounge where I ate key lime pie, and Chris smoked his fancy cigar, while we watched the Michigan State game that my Dad, Papa, and brothers were at.

And that's when the news hit. Just as the game was ending, my Papa had a stroke - right there in the bleachers. I tried not to fret and was told that he was conscious and just limp on one side.
Chris and I then went to see End of Watch, during which time I got numerous texts from my family members with updates on how Papa was doing.
Once out of the theatre, I got a text saying that they discovered the clot on his brain and were going to do emergency surgery right away. That's when I went straight to the hospital in Lansing with only the clothes on my back (thank goodness I had that hat!).
We slept maybe three hours Saturday night, but Papa pulled through!!! We left him at 4:30AM, with assurance that he would make it through the night. We got back there at 8 the next morning, and he seemed better. We stayed with him all day Sunday and got home around midnight that night. I had a fever on Sunday, so I couldn't go back on Monday to visit because I didn't want to pass a virus on. We had another scare on Sunday night after I left, but the past two nights he's been ok. He will just be severely disabled either permanently or for a good while (doctor said he probably won't walk for a year).
While Papa was in the NICU in Lansing, my Nani (his wife), who has a bone disease in her foot, fell, and went straight to the ER in Grand Rapids. I now have one grandparent in the NICU in Lansing, and the other in the ER in Grand Rapids. Quite nerve wracking, but I've been told they should make it, they just need time to heal.  
So glad the weekend is over!