Sorbet in the Fall

My daughter was so cute today. She had to stay home tonight because she has a cold, but she insisted that she get "dressed" up right along with me. She took her shower with me (she loves showers), she had me put make-up (pretend) on her, and then she handed me this headband that she put on her head like this. When I took my picture, she raised her arms to be held so she could see the picture too. By the look on her face, you can see that she couldn't understand how the picture was being taken. Once I put her down she said "cheese!"
 This sweater was one of my 50% off at Goodwill finds. I liked it well enough, but what sold me is that I tried it on outside of the dressing room and a couple of ladies behind me gushed about it saying that it was perfect for me. If I had any doubts about the sweater before, I was sure I liked it after that.
 I would call this color sorbet. Not exactly a Fall color. It will look even better come Spring.
Sweater - Goodwill - $2
Jeans - H&M - $20
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Necklace - gifted