Wearing Pink to MOPS

Went to MOPS last night. It was their first get together of the year. I tried it a couple of years ago and it wasn't what I was looking for, but this year I decided to give it another chance since my husband is busy on Monday nights, the same night that I would have MOPS.
Wanting to make a good impression and not appear like I was trying too hard, I decided to wear something very conservative and "young mom-ish".

This top is a silk/cotton blend and I think the print is adorable. I found it new with tags (Banana Republic) at Goodwill for only $3. I love it when I find brand new items at Goodwill!
 Even though I dressed conservatively to blend in, I still didn't quite fit in. We did a little mixer where we had to find someone else in the room that matched the 8 answers we gave on the list of questions they gave us with someone else's answers. I always think I'm such a regular everyday person until I go to a mixer like that and then I feel like I'm the oddest person on earth. Does anyone else have that trouble?
Jeans - 7ForAllMankind via Goodwill - $5
Top - Banana Republic (new with tags!) from Goodwill - $3
Crochet vest - gifted
Necklace - gifted
Wearing my Nine West nude gladiator wedges