Yellow and Blue

 Love the white crocheted collar on this sweater!

My son's favorite color is yellow and blue. Partly because he just happens to like those colors, and partly because they are the colors of his favorite football team (Michigan Wolverines). Since he is so fond of these colors, I consented to spray paint an old chandelier yellow to hang in his (soon to be) light-grey-blue bedroom. We decided to do the project together for his art lesson in school. We started the first coat on Monday, ran out of paint and got more paint on Tuesday. Today was the last coat. The chandelier was looking pretty cool, too. Just as it was about done except for one little spot, I got the whole thing covered in dirt. Try brushing dirt off of wet paint. Long story.
Needless to say, our art lesson did not go well today and I am still thinking about that yellow chandelier, which is probably why I changed into this yellow sweater just before heading out to our first Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey) class at church tonight. And if I'm going to wear yellow, I have to add blue jeans so I sport my team's colors.
Go blue!
I don't even watch football. Only my boys do. I'm a fake.
Sweater - thrifted - $4
Jeans - J.Brand - gifted
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9.99
Earrings - Kohl's - $1