Spring in the Autumn

I cannot believe that Goodwill had this J.Crew skirt - I'm in love! I thought I'd be pairing it with burgundy tights, boots, sweaters and scarves to make it work for the fall, but the day I wore this, it was 80 degrees out. So yeah, I look like Spring in the Fall!

I spent an entire evening a few nights ago pouring over a search on Pinterest for "Converse Sneakers." I have been wanting a pair for a while now that my Crewcut sneakers are starting to bite the dust. I was so inspired by the outfits on Pinterest styled around the iconic shoe, which is how I came up with this outfit. 

 Loving my pale pink jewelry, too!
 And don't judge me too harshly for looking like Spring. Blush is a Pantone color for Fall this year!
(Image from Pantone.com).

Jersey t-shirt - Banana Republic - thrifted for $1
Skirt - J.Crew - thrifted for $5
Sneakers - J.Crew Crewcuts (I can fit into childrens' shoes just fine) - $19
Belt - J.Crew - hand-me-down
Jacket - gifted
Jewelry - gifted