The Jean Jacket

Here are two outfits I've worn recently. I keep meaning to put up a shopping post or something like that when I go so long between outfit posts, but I've not been very inspired lately. After all the excitement of the holidays, I usually find myself in a bit of a slump in January. I'm also busy with an upcoming family wedding. We're working on the shower right now.
Jean Jacket - gifted
White shirt - Banana Republic - $11
Two necklaces wrapped - thrifted for $2 each
Printed pants - Target - $8
Watch - Bulova - gifted
Pumps - Jessica Simpson - gifted
CZ studs - gifted
I find it so hard to anything but boots in the Winter. Sure, I could wear tights with the pumps, but that doesn't really help me much. These pumps turned into boots by the end of the day because I got so cold!

Jean jacket - gifted
White shirt - Banana Republic - $11
Corduroy skinnies - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's - $6
Boots - Michael Antonio - $9
Mustard knit cowl neck shell - Ann Taylor - $9
Necklace - gifted
This outfit was supposed to be mustard and navy, but these cords look black in the photo. I promise they're ink blue - not black!

Had fun turning up the collar for this outfit. Gave it some polished flair.

Loving my new watch! Checking my cell phone for the time was starting to get old!