30 Weeks!

I labeled this post 29 weeks because I wore this yesterday, when I was still 29 weeks . . . however, today I'm 30 WEEKS! I'm so excited that I'm in the 30's now! Only 10 more weeks to go, but who's counting, right? ha!
I thought I'd wear this as a dress by itself because when I first tried it on about two months ago, I was still small enough that the dress wasn't too short in front. Now that my bump is this large, dresses are getting quite a bit shorter on me, so I had to add the leggings. It only got up to 68 degrees yesterday anyway, so the extra coverage added much needed warmth.
Decided I'm pretty much rocking an 80's hairdo these days. I'm growing out my bangs and layers and desperately trying to get my hair to fall towards the back of my head instead of all in my eyes. Teasing and hairspray accomplishes that task - hence the big hair and high bangs.
Dress - Aqua - hand-me-down
Leggings - Express - $1
Sandals - Nine West - gifted