Housework in Pink Heels

I wore this on Monday, even though all I had planned for that day was packing (another trip coming up), laundry, cleaning the refrigerator (yes, I actually cleaned my entire refrigerator and it looks spotless if I do say so myself), working on lesson plans, cleaning my oven, ironing, and getting the first coat of background paint on a 6x4 foot piece of plywood (I will explain that more later). I do this every once in a while--dress up on days when I should be wearing paint clothes. The heels came off for the cleaning part of my day, and I'll put them back on later right before the hubby gets home. He'll like that.

Sometimes you just have to let the girlishness overtake you and dress up when it's impractical.

So this plywood I'm painting is going to be a life sized painting of George and Martha Washington with the faces cut out so that people can stand behind it and get their pictures taken as the United State's first, First couple at a fair booth I'm volunteering at. The booth is going to have a Founding Fathers theme, so this photo prop seemed appropriate and is sure to catch people's attention. If the painting comes out halfway decent, I'll post a picture. If you never see it on this blog, you'll know I bombed.

Top - Ann Taylor LOFT - $4.88
Jeans - Old Navy Maternity - hand-me-down
Pumps - Target - $9
Necklace - thrifted for $2