Maternity Dressing Tips for the Second Trimester

Today I start the third trimester. Only three more months to go! Yay!
To follow up on my post about early maternity dressing, I thought I'd offer up some tips I've picked up for the second trimester.
1. Wear Knits
Anything from knit gaucho pants, knit dresses, knit skirts, or voluminous knit or jersey tops drape beautifully and *comfortably* over your now obvious bump.

2. Wear Larger Sized Non-Maternity Clothing
The benefit of wearing non-maternity clothing is you won't feel funny wearing these pieces postpartum during the growing out stage - plus, your options in these sizes as opposed to maternity sizes are endless. At this stage in pregnancy, you have no choice but to wear your jeans, shorts, and some skirts in maternity sizes, but larger sized or empire waist tops, maxi or knit/jersey dresses, jeggings, knit dresses, and any bottoms worn a few sizes larger that have some stretch in them are all perfect for your growing bump.
These blue jeggings are non-maternity, but I can squeeze them on because of how stretchy they are.

Again, these jeggings work great for me and are non-maternity. I wore them over and over again pre-pregnancy and plan to during post-partum as well.

Knit leggings are also a great non-maternity option.

Non-maternity maxi dresses are ideal.

 These shorts are non-maternity, but I bought them a few sizes up and are made with a stretch denim, so they fit perfect.
3. Wear Dresses

The reason for wearing dresses, besides the fact that they are oh so flattering, is that at this stage, wearing bottoms are very uncomfortable over that growing bump. Dresses that stretch, have no belts or structured waists, and show off your still slender calves and ankles (or hopefully your ankles haven't swelled yet), will be comfortable and beautiful.
4. Opt for Over the Belly Bottoms If Possible
I remember my Mom and I disagreeing over this during my first pregnancy. I insisted that the new under the belly bottoms styles were far more comfortable than the over the belly styles that were the norm at that time (the kind that had a rounded knit panel just wear the belly was with elastic at top. Ew). The over the belly styles now, however, are far more flattering and comfortable since there is virtually no band at any point on your belly - only a stretchy fabric completely covering your belly all around to the back that you can either roll under the belly or over, depending on your preference (see here).
These jeans shorts have the over the belly panel. I wore them up during the day until it got too warm, then just folded it under to cool off for during the late afternoon.
5. Experiment by Celebrating the Bump
Now is the time to play around with different styles, proportions and sizes. You finally look pregnant and can get away with showing off your belly instead of disguising it like you did in your first trimester. So try wearing loose, comfortable belts under or over your belly to accentuate the bump. Or borrow your husband's clothes (baggy is so much more acceptable when you're pregnant).
Trying out a belt to accentuate my belly.
Wearing my husband's shirt over leggings during my second pregnancy.
Trying to pull off the "boyfriend shorts" look with some oversized shorts.

 Something this baggy might not be so flattering otherwise, but totally works for maternity
6. Accept Hand-me-downs
This stage of pregnancy is so short-lived, now is the time to host clothes swap parties, bum off of your friend's previous pregnancies and borrow her maternity clothes, as well as accept hand-me-downs from friends that are non-maternity, but a few sizes larger than your pre-maternity size.
I was recently blessed with four large trash bags full of non-maternity clothing in a few sizes larger than my pre-maternity size. With a little bit of hemming of shoulder seams, or darting here and there, I ended up with a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes.

 All of these outfits feature hand-me-downs from a friend that are non-maternity.
7. Pull Out Of Your Closet What No Longer Fits
This is something I plan to do at the end of each trimester. I did it after the first three months, and recently purged my closet again to prepare for the last three months. I store all the clothes that don't fit in my attic to pull out later for postpartum.
Keeping only what fits accessible helps me to not get overwhelmed or discouraged about all that is in my closet that I can no longer wear. Out of sight, out of mind. I don't obsess about the pants I can no longer fit into if I can't see them. I just end up forgetting about them and will have a nice surprise waiting for me when I open up the box later during postpartum and find that they finally fit. Also, narrowing my choices requires me to be more creative with what does fit and assess what items I will need to purchase to get by for the next months of pregnancy. 
8. Continue to Emphasize The Accessories
Hats, scarves, jewelry, belts, shoes, etc., are a one-size-fits-all option that will keep you feeling fresh, fashionable, and feminine throughout your entire pregnancy. So don't skimp on accessories!

That's all I have so far. Hope these tips have inspired you to make a few updates and get excited again about what to wear!