Pink or Blue?

I wore this to our gender reveal party that my sister-in-law threw for us. We were required to either wear pink or blue depending on what we expected the gender to be. From the beginning, I've said this one was a boy, so after looking through several of my blue dresses, I finally decided to just wear these shorts again with this steel blue knit top. The party was just for immediate family and we had originally planned to be out with a bonfire once it got dark, so I knew I needed flats and something casual. 

And then after dinner was finished and after 26 weeks of waiting (the longest we've waited so far with any of our children), we cut into the cake below and discovered we are having another girl!

 We are all pretty excited (except maybe my son), and are now getting all the more anxious to meet our daughter. Still have a ways to go yet, but I have a feeling the time will keep flying by. Before I know it, she'll be in my arms.

Top - hand-me-down
Necklace - gifted
Shorts - Target - $6
Sandals - Target - $3
Bracelet - Tiffany's - hand-me-down
Watch - Bulova - gifted