Stretchy Skirt

I've definitely hit that uncomfortable stage of pregnancy where you can't sleep, have a hard time eating (because there's no room and the heartburn is intense), and you feel so large and cumbersome that it's hard to move around. Running around after my kids and the three to four times a week I force myself to exercise are not my favorite parts of my days. Plus, the morning sickness seems to be getting worse each day and is starting to mirror the first trimester. Ugh. Reminding myself that I have only three months left. I can do this!
Even though I feel miserable, I am having fun with my wardrobe. I pulled this knit pencil skirt completely up over my bump. It's a size XS, but completely works because it's knit and I'm wearing the waist so high. I am continuing with my mission of doing all I can to avoid "maternity" clothing and this skirt is a perfect example of something that can be worn during and after pregnancy. Hopefully my zeal for dressing my bump continues for these last three months!
Top - Banana Republic - thrifted - $3
Skirt - Target - $6
Heels - Nine West - gifted
Cuff bracelet/watch/earrings - gifted