Free Book!

I know this has nothing to do with fashion or style, but I just have to tell everyone about this! I've been waiting to finally announce that my friends just published their first book "HIGH FIVE Love Never Fails!"

The Tijerina's testimony of how they overcame huge obstacles with their marriage and family life, and what principles they applied to bring them where they are today is a MUST READ. Their testimony includes a 15-year prison sentence, infidelity, family rejection and betrayal.

They are giving away a limited amount of their book “HIGH FIVE Love Never Fails” for FREE!

This book contains their dramatic story as well as offers 5 practical steps you can implement to have a healthy family yourself. If you aren't married, this book is still for you - these principles are key to any sort of relationship.

Click on the link to get your complimentary copy now J  www.highfivebook.com and then spread the word!