Jolly Rancher

My daughter had a dentist appointment this morning, so we decided to do a little photoshoot in the sun on our way out. It was already about 85 degrees that early in the day! We spent the rest of the day at Grandma's pool.

 The bubble gum pink top matched with the green dress and turquoise bracelet remind me of Jolly Ranchers. Something about the mix of colors looks like candy to me. Maybe I just have a sweet tooth.

 My little posers take right after their mommy!

I went to a workshop yesterday on eating healthy. I grew up eating mostly organic, made-from-scratch (as in, we made our own yogurt, mayonnaise, granola, bread, tortillas, etc., etc.), so none of this was new - but it was what I needed to hear to finally get inspired to do the same for my family. We've always focused on whole grains, complex carbs, no drinks outside of water, vitamins, and avoiding packaged foods as much as we could, but I could never justify going all organic because of the tight budget I've given myself. I also avoided making everything from scratch since there were only 3 of us for so long. Too much work for such a small crowd! With our #5 family member on the way, I'm feeling a little more confident about this all. I bought a grain grinder last night and joined an organic food co-op yesterday. Here goes nothin'!

Dress - Common Threads - hand-me-down
Shoes - Nine West - gifted
Tank - Skinny Tees - hand-me-down
Bracelets - hand-me-down
Watch - Bulova - gifted
Cute Kids (if I do say so myself) - PRICELESS!