A girl can dream . . .

Last year my husband took me to Italy. We visited Rome, Florence, and Venice. It was a dream come true. I spent the following summer afternoons reading about Italy, keeping the memories as present in my mind as possible. And now that my appetite has been whetted for overseas travel, I'm dreaming about Paris.
And of course, if I go to Paris, there are a few things I will need . . .
I will need a teasing brush so that I can wear my hair like this:
And of course, I'll need the perfect shade of frosty lipstick:
And a frosty lip isn't complete without a cat eye:
While I'm looking glamorous, I better keep the movie star act going and wear these shades:
The perfect pair of chic heels will look elegant as I walk to the corner French bakery to pick up the most delicious French macaroons
After I munch on my treats, I'll be sidetracked by the Hermes shop next door and pick up this lovely:
And then determine I've had enough of the city and bike to the country side on this bike (still in my heels, of course):
Well anyhow . . . a girl can dream!