And I'm getting bigger . . .

No, I'm not due tomorrow. Not even in two weeks. I'm not due till October. I still have two months. Two whole long months. As in 9 weeks. As in FOREVER!!!
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . .
Yesterday was a long day at the fair. I wore this, I just looked quite a bit bigger in it than I did before. One sweet old man in a wheelchair kept staring at my shoes while I was working the booth. I was sitting down and he asked me if I could turn my shoe so he could see how tall they actually were. I stood up to give him the full effect of the 4 inches the wedges give me. I was still only slightly taller than he was sitting in his wheelchair. He giggled and just said "God bless you."
Today was spent taking a walk downtown for coffee and then lunch with my hubby (free of kids - they were at VBS - woohoo!). Then hubs worked outside on the yard and cleaning the cars all afternoon, and I stayed in baking all day. Two batches of zucchini bread, zucchini spice bars, zucchini chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and a zucchini quiche. Umm yes. We got a lot of zucchinis in our CSA this week.
Hope your Saturday went well!
Tank - JCPenney - $3
Shorts - Target - $5
Gladiators - Cynthia Vincent - $60