At this same stage of pregnancy for baby #2, I wasn't too inspired with trying new outfits. Instead, I was in full blown nesting mode. I painted my daughter's room, sewed new cushions for her rocking chair, sewed her a dress, sewed new bumper pads for her cradle, sanded and refinished a wooden rocking chair and a child's rocking horse, and re-upholstered a rocking chair.
It seems I'm going through the same thing with pregnancy #3 because I haven't worn anything attractive all week. However, I have prettied up the house a bit.
My son and I painted this during art class.
My husband and I made this upholstered headboard out of old doors previously covering some bookshelves for our king size bed (after I spent 2 hours reorganizing all my bookshelves and taking said doors off).

I painted this little love note for my hubby (translation - "You are my soulmate") using his favorite colors.

I also used the excess fabric from the headboard to reupholster the piano bench, a stool, and a dining chair. I bought a few coordinating remnants that I'll make some throw pillows with, too (to do either tonight or tomorrow).

And, I painted these two lovelies for my mantle (yellow walls to one day be covered in grey, for the record).