I have what I like to call an irritable uterus. I go through days where every little movement sends off Braxton hicks contractions that are so uncomfortable they take my breath away. Dare I say that some of them are almost painful? Such a bother to have this so early, but I was like that with my other two, so I should have known I wouldn't get away with it this time. Feeling all these aches and pains, plus morning sickness, heartburn, *and* contractions, has me pretty irritable and feeling immobile most of the time. Don't I sound positive?
I'm trying to stay distracted now for the last weeks of this pregnancy and have lists and lists of projects I'd like to accomplish before the baby comes. Coming up with new outfits is my lowest priority, so I don't plan on posting much. If I do post, it will be repeat outfits that will show how much I've grown (like today's post).

Here is the outfit a couple of months ago.

Top - American Eagle - hand-me-down
Jeans - Gap - hand-me-down
Flip flops - Target - $3
Earrings - hand-me-down