Wednesday Happenings

My husband and I had our first meeting with a financial advisor this afternoon. He is now "our" financial advisor. I feel so sophisticated saying that. Like, I must really be 31 years old now that I am talking to someone about a retirement plan, will and estate planning, and what I should do with my 401K now that I am no longer employed. It did feel good to get some questions answered and get some solid advice on it all. I feel like I'm finally getting that area of my life pretty organized and it feels good.
Love the colors in this top. My son fondly dubbed it my "earth" shirt because he says it looks like a picture of earth. I think he is right. My belly is perfectly globe shaped and the colors are very map/earth like. I may look like a walking globe, but I really want to wear this every day this week. I wonder if my husband will notice if I do.
Top - Liz Lange Maternity via Target - $6
Jeans - Gap - hand-me-down
Cuff bracelets and watch - all hand-me-down or gifted
Earrings - hand-me-down
Wedges - Nine West - gifted