Day 2 of Homeschool for the 2013-2013 School Year!

 Headed to my 32 week check-up today. I always think those regular check-ups feel like such a waste of time. You sit for what seems like hours waiting for the doctor and then all they do is measure you, hear the heartbeat, ask if you have questions, and say you're good to go. For all three of my babies I've even had to ask them what the baby's heart rate was, and ask them what I measure. Don't they understand I need this info for my pregnancy notebook that they gave me at the beginning of pregnancy? lol!
Today was our second day of school for this year. We homeschooled through pre-school and kindergarten, but this year is our first year of "official" homeschooling. We had to send in paperwork to our Superintendent and we have to fulfill hours and subjects to satisfy the requirements of the state. I feel like it's finally for real that I'm a homeschool Mom. Our first two days have gone great, even though my son came down with a fever last night. This morning he was well enough to get right back into school. Two days down, 178 days to go. Piece of cake, right?
Top - hand-me-down
Skirt - Gap - $2.99
Espadrilles - Target - $6