Comfort Clothes

My son described my top as having "zebra stripes" this morning (confusing the navy for black and seeing the stripes variegated like a zebra, since my curves don't allow the stripes to lay flat). I got a kick out of that.
My next OB appointment is today. I will be up to an appointment a week from here on out.
By the way, I may be gaining a lot of weight for this pregnancy, but have you noticed how tiny my ankles are? I am definitely puffy, and if you touch my leg, your fingerprint will last a little while, but I am shocked that I don't actually look swollen at all when I'm this far along. With my previous pregnancies I already had cankles by now, and my face was super puffy!
Top - H&M Maternity - $3
Skirt - Old Navy - $1
Espadrilles - Target - $6