Two Weeks Postpartum

Me here checking in at 2 weeks postpartum and still feeling fabulous. Can't help but bask in the glow of love - I just can't get enough of my little angel. I'm also still not ashamed of my bump which is slowly getting smaller, but very much still there. However, I do plan to mask it since I don't want to be asked when I'm due!
Yesterday I got out a pair of jeans and squeezed into them only to show off plenty of muffin top and feel like a stuffed sausage. I think I'll have to continue with stretchy pants and tunic tops for a little while longer yet. This will mean less posting because I plan to re-wear these outfits over and over until jeans look good again.
Since I'm sick of wearing leggings/jeggings and the jeans don't quite work yet, I pulled out these ponte pants that I wore back only three days postpartum. They are a lot less snug now and feel a little sturdier than the flimsy leggings I've been sporting over the past couple of weeks. The leather details at the bottom of the leg give a nice little edge that looks perfect with my wedge booties and leather jacket, too. And of course the leather is so on trend this fall.
Top - Express - hand-me-down
Leather jacket - gifted
Ponte/leather pants - J.Crew - hand-me-down
Booties - Target - $8