Blanket Scarves

I was maybe 14 years old when I remember walking into Macy's and seeing these tall manikins draped in pastel hued wool scarves as large as blankets. I thought they were exquisite, but never voiced my opinion. That Christmas, one of my presents was one of those scarves from my Grandma who had flown in from out of State and just so happened to shop at that same department store I had gone into for all of the Christmas gifts she got that year. Back when I was that age, however, the scarf was worn as a shawl. For many of my church dresses, I proudly draped this scarf around my shoulders and felt as feminine and romantic as I possibly could.

Years later I still pull this scarf out every Fall/Winter season. Each year I find a new way to wear it.

Today I simply tied the two ends of the scarf together and instead of double looping it around my neck like an infinity scarf, I have it draped around one shoulder and the other loop right in front. Not only does it provide a lot of warmth, but it also doubles as a nursing wrap. Win.
Scarf - State 111 via Macy's - gifted
T-shirt - Gap - $3
Cardigan - Target - $7
Jeans - J.Brand via eBay - gifted
Gold wedge booties - Michael Antonio via Urban Outfitters - $9