Baby Coos and Coated Jeans

Capri's cuddles and coos are getting cuter everyday and Cassi's girlishness has blossomed out of the baby stage completely now. I love playing "make-up" and "hair bows" with Cassi while Capri is nestled in my arms cooing and smiling. Too precious. Poor CJ is craving as much "boy" time with his Dad as he can now, and he has asked me numerous times if I wouldn't mind having another baby to give him a brother. These days are pretty special. I keep thinking that before I know it they'll be grown and gone.

Capri is three months old today. She is now drooling all over the place, so I expect a tooth is on its way. She is a very contented baby and puts up with quite a lot with her two older siblings.

And in other news, I'm loving these coated jeans. The color is easy to wear--almost a neutral, and the stiffness in the fabric is very flattering.

Top - F21 - $5
Coated jeans - Old Navy - $9
Wedge booties - Target - $7
Scarf - c/o More Than Alive