Laugh Lines and Bulky Sweaters

Yesterday I had a moment. I noticed the slightest start of a laugh line on the corner of my eye. I have this tiny bit of skin that shifts upward right at the corner of my eyes and it occurred to me that I’m getting the start of laugh lines. For the first time I am not upset about finding that I'm visibly aging (like 31 is so old! ha!). I smiled big. Laugh lines are such welcoming and beautiful wrinkles. In that moment of staring at my make-up less, starting-to-wrinkle-eyes, I just thought they were beautiful. Those laugh lines were earned through so much loving. How special is that? The more they grow the more I will be proud at what they represent. 

This sweater is perfect for the low winter temps we've been having here. I can't wear it if I'm going to be too active, because it easily overheats me, but for going out or visiting, it keeps the chill off and I love it.

Sweater - BCBG - thrifted for $4
Leggings - Nordstrom - $12
Boots - Jessica Simpson - c/o eBay
Hat - Banana Republic - $6