Just a Few Highlights This Week

Valentine breakfast for the kids.

 Cassi likes her heels just as much as her Mommy.

All three of us stylin'.

Party favors from a Valentine/quilting bee party I went to.

 Valentine crafts taking over our house on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Trying out amber beads for Capri mainly because I think they're pretty. I may not be accessorizing much lately, but at least my baby is.

Loving my sweet antique frame that my little brother bought me for my Birthday.

 Capri and I wore this on Thursday and I loved how coordinated we looked together.

Tried out a new disciplinary measure - tied their wrists together so they could learn to play together nicely. In the end they just laughed about it and asked for their wrists to be tied together again!

The kids were so excited to see their Dad when we got back last Saturday. They built a cute fort together while Capri and I unpacked.

 I caught Capri with two fingers in her mouth on Sunday. Perhaps we won't be needing the pacifier much anymore.

 I took Cassi out for a little cookie/coffee date while CJ was at his karate lesson. Love her sweet little face and how excited she was to have Mommy to herself.

 No, that isn't Cassi's new lipstick. It's chocolate ice cream that she ate at my family Birthday celebration last Saturday!